Friday, November 29, 2002

Mmm. Turkey

Well, most of the Venezuelan crowd was drinking wine yesterday … lots of wine … lots and lots of wine … I think, for about five serious drinkers, they went through six or seven bottles of the good stuff between 4:30 and 11pm. But what fun. And I got to try Pete’s Wicked Winter Brew, with some nutmeg and raspberries. Very nice stuff. Then, of course, the bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon. Because no Thanksgiving can be complete without a bottle of Wild Turkey.

My Thanksgivings keep getting more ethnic, and more fun. Much thanks to Rob, Tatiana, Craig, Elena, Rojan, and Maria. The Salsa and Merengue were fabulous. And the Romanian music. And the chess. And Craig’s recipe homebrew that we pulled out between the first course and the dessert (before the turkey was done). Mucho mucho gracias. Muy bien.

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