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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Razorfish SF Interface Devel Team

Razorfish SF Interface Devel Team

Razorfish SF Interface Devel Team
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Wally seems to have this un-ending supply of *ancient* Razorfish photos that he posts at random to Flickr. From left to right, that's me, Little Ben, Muffin Friedman, Carlos (on the bottom), and Happy Mike Sheridan. 2001, apparently.

Thanks, Wally.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



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My best man, sporting his finest McViking gear, in Dublin. (Thanks, Sheila!!!!)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Release Tuesday

Kyler's been recording again! Check out the new songs in her radio at kylerengland.com.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McViking Wedding Poster

McViking Wedding Poster at Zazzle
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Buy the poster at http://www.zazzle.com/dekana*/product/228529029102048609


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Well, I tried doing this before the trip, but finally got it all figured out tonight:

1. Configure the unlocked cellphone bought on eBay to work on Cingular's MEdiaNet and even configure the MMS settings correctly (the step I left out last time).

2. Get a Flickr email address to upload direct to my hikingviking account.

3. Click a shot of tonight's after dinner drink.

4. Send to Flickr via an MMS message.

5. Blog from Flickr to Blogger.

I love technology.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Welcome to HikingViking 3.0

Well, when your server crashes and you lose 30 sites of data, and you're fed up with the ineptitude of your ISP, and you realize you've let down a ton of people who aren't yourself, several things happen.

1. You leave the country for a month to get married (in Ireland) to the most wonderful woman in the world and trek through New Zealand and basically take the best vacation you've had since you finished graduate school eight years ago.

2. You cancel your dedicated server account because there's no way you can run a successful business with your ISP.

3. You start the process of un-incorporating Dekana Inc., because you're now a full-time employee at a Web 2.0 startup and no longer need liability protection for big-company contract jobs. Hell, you left the hosting business anyway (see #2).

4. You decide that you can longer have the time to keep up with open-source software updates, and ditch WordPress and MT and Twiki and all that good crap for everything except the one lingering freelance site you will always continue to maintain.

5. You let Blogger drive your blog, and your new wife's blog, because Google probably won't loose your data (like it or not) and you scale back to Flickr for all your photo sharing needs, because Y! is a better media company than Google.

6. You spend a Saturday night hacking up an existing Blogger template because you really don't have time to build another site from the HTML up again. And hey, Dan's designs for Blogger are awesome, and the HTML is really clean. Why reinvent the wheel ... again?

7. You sift through all your Google Cache saves of four years of blog entries and only keep a handful of the best ones ... ignoring a lot of the one-liners and all the posts with links to stuff I need for work (that's what del.icio.us/hikingviking is for, not my blog).

8. And you're left with this. Here ya go. HikingViking.com 3.0. No categories. No gimmicks. No fancy-schmancy schtuff (I'll channel all that energy into Zazzle). Just me. Just my random posts. And I promise they'll be more human, less geek, because April 2006 is a new beginning, a new life, with an old soulmate, and as much as I LOVE my job, I plan to LIVE my LIFE alongside it, not underneath it. Sinead deserves that. Hell, I deserve that.

Welcome to the new HikingViking.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Enter thus the married life...

Jan Sinead C 043
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Well, I haven't been blogging for quite awhile. Horrible stories about my last ISP and stuff, then I was off in March to declare my undying love for Sinead in Ireland, and then celebrate our nuptials with a honeymoon in New Zealand. It's crazy to be back ... I'm actually exhausted and still jet-lagged. But what an amazing trip ...