Tuesday, June 06, 2006

'Zazzling' news ... when will they add us to the Oxford English Dictionary?

It's been a wonderful few weeks for getting the name of Zazzle (the startup I joined early last year) into the hearts and minds of the world.

It began with some business sites discussing that we hired Tuoc Luong to be our VP of Engineering. Tuoc is a very well-respected and well-known guy in Silicon Valley, and had done some amazing things at Ask Jeeves.

Then on Thursday last week we awoke to find a bunch of Zazzle stamps plastered all over -- and I mean ALL OVER -- the front page of the SF Chronicle. Since the USPS let us start putting corporate logos on custom postage stamps a few weeks ago, we've lined up some partnerships with the big guys, like HP. It was HP's buzz that landed the article, but there were the stamps, with "www.zazzle.com", in LARGE legible letters on the front of the newspaper. Here's the article:

> Personal postage gets a corporate stamp

Then, today, *this* article gets circulated. Bingo. We have finally entered the vocabluary, at least over in the UK.

> New generation is going global to find a 'third way' (Zazzling)

But even more 'third way' than this global brain tapping is what's called 'Zazzling' in the US. This is all about people doing it for themselves, not for corporate megaliths.

It's named after Zazzle, a Californian company, which got seed funding from legendary venture capitalist John Doerr, who was also a seed backer of Google, and wait for it, Doerr reckons Zazzle will be even bigger than eBay.


The 'Zazzle' phenomenon is spawning a whole new generation of web-based 'minipreneurs' to complement the two to three million people worldwide who now count eBay as their primary or significant second source of income.

Something radically disruptive is brewing.