Friday, July 14, 2006

What I'm Listening To

My music listening habits have recently turned back to (they had the name before Apple started using it) as a fantastic source for indy and undiscovered musicians. They've been working on the "wisdom of the community" model for sorting through content since at least 1999. This makes them one of the more interesting sites to study how to apply "community software" to a site who's function is to organize content and promote the business model of an artistic community.

I have also turned toward as my first stop toward downloading music. It turns out they're the #2 legal site for it, behind of course iTunes, because they've been able to carve out a business model of selling music without DRM. You get real, un-protected mp3's. Like, you won't find Shakira and U2 there, but you will find a site aggregating the long-tail music content that's not handcuffed to the RIAA's distribution channels.

I've found great out-of-print indy records, like pretty much the whole Sex Police discography and even the original version of "Elevator" from Norwood Cheek's pre-Sex Police days in Notes From a Strange Mailbag. After waiting 15 months during 2002-2003 before finally nabbing the first Sex Police album I saw pawned on eBay, it's just amazing to me that now we can all download it digitally from emusic!

Other recent finds:

13 Stories - FunkyPopSexyHouseRap - A quartet of 20-somethings out of Atlanta who are unabashedly pop, they sound like Blondie meets the B-52's, and are a breath of fresh air for the 00's. I found out about them because my old guitarist's band glorydive (another group worth checking out) are opening for them in Raleigh in August.

Zero One - Psy-Fi - Not unlike the more known Zero 7, Zero One is downtempo "chill" electronica, my genre of choice while coding.

Lemon Jelly - '64 - '95 - Another psychadelic downtempo electronic album with a concept of taking samples from particular years, "'64 AKA Go" features samples of William Shatner. Must be a 00's thing. I can't get enough of William Shatner.

Behavior - The Story of the Mechanical Man - Discovered on, downloaded from emusic. More electronica. Great stuff. Really, really great stuff.

Tom Kidding - Purpose - My co-worker's latest piece. It's quite good.

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