Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thoughts from The Ajax Experience, Boston

I just returned from three amazing days in Boston chatting up everything that's cool in the web these days. Here are some initial thoughts ...

- There are some hella-smart people in the field, and I think they were all there.

- Javascript 2, per Brendan Eich's talk, is going to have some great features, which will eventually make large portions of our frameworks obsolete. Too bad it'll probably take 4 years for everyone to be on it.

- Dojo has exploded in the last year. In fact, this almost felt like "The Dojo Experience" conference. Alex & co have done some fantastic work, and have lined up an amazing list of sponsors and contributors. The SVG library they just released looks pretty sweet.

- I love that there's a critical mass of people now focused on making the web user experience better.

- My god, things have matured so much since 2000.

- I'm grateful that TIBCO is pouring such money and attention into technologies like Ajax, and I suppose that there will always be an enterprise-market for what they're building (and I bet that market is HUGE). But it was almost painful to hear their keynote in the context of so many people out there who are heading in a much different direction.

- Ben and Dion, the Ajaxians, are super-great guys.

- I wish me wife coulda come :).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ed's AJAX Shirt

Superview-it for the fine print. Then buy it.