Monday, August 27, 2007

Fionn's home!

Fionn's going home!
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We left the hospital on Friday ... here he his locked away in his carseat.

Mom, he's wearing the sweater and hat you knitted, so everyone knows he's a boy.

Also, now that I think about it, those are the old Carolina Lightning soccer colors! I'm hoping to start him early. We watched slept through the Chelsea v Liverpool game Saturday morning.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Day three ...

... and it's beginning to look do-able.

We had a fussy morning, with all sorts of doctors and nurses coming by. The daily bilirubin came in "low risk" of jaundice, which is (fingers crossed fingers crossed) fantastic news, as this is the best indicator of HS this week that we can monitor. Dr. Tanguay, our Ped, came by and is pleased. Dr. Khoo came by and is pleased with Sinead's healing. We got the Hep B immunization. We pooped all over the sock holding the security beacon. We cried a *lot*.

By early afternoon we were settling down a bit, and from 4-5pm the whole family was passed out and strewn about the room. It was great. A NAP!!!! It's exactly what we all needed, and we were different people all evening.

Sinead's up and walking better than she has since about February, which is also fantastic to see. She's still not supposed to lift anything as heavy as the child anytime soon, so I'm on diaper duty (and getting pretty fast at these poopy ones!). We're feeling so good about her moving around that the walker and the gumby pillow all came home tonight! I was quite a site leaving the hospital .... we'll post a pic tomorrow.

Fionn is just incredible. This evening I spent a solid half hour staring at his face as he was sleeping and dreaming .... we cycled through every emotion in his little head .... happy, confused, perplexed, feeding (that was fun ... his whole mouth moved), gassy. I think that's about it. It was great.

And me: I started to do something about my painful separation from pop culture. We listened to some Ray Lamontange. And I got my computer talking to the Internet via my cell phone, which at least got me to load a few news stories. It's still a sloooow connection, so some sites just don't load. Like Won't load. The ultimate irony. I'm on the AT&T wireless network, albeit my cell phone is a bit slower than the iPhone.

So I was connected for, I think, a total of about an hour all day.

And strangely, that was just fine with me.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Baby Borg

Baby Borg
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Fionn's a day old, and he passed his first test! A hearing test!

Poll: Does he look more like:

a) A Borg from Star Trek
b) A Cyberman from Dr. Who

Also, apparently people need a few hints about how to pronounce the cyber baby's name. It's easy. It's "Fyun". One syllable. The "i" works like the "j" in Fjord, except throw it into "Fun".

And if that fails, you can call him "Finn".


Sinead wants me to assure the world that she will return to her regular blogging at as soon as she finds a wireless hotspot. She misses you all. I'm not 100% sure whether removing the child or the laptop from her belly is the bigger shock to her system.


Finally, no offense to anyone, but please don't call us through the hospital phone number. It was a mistake for me to send that contact info out in my email. We love all the support from you guys (thanks so much!), but we want to keep that line clear for doctors and nurses to get to us.

Our cell phones work just fine in the room, try us on them.; if we don't answer it's because we have a queue of nurses or a crying baby or we're feeding or we're otherwise preoccupied. As Arvind said to me today: "It's a hospital. It's not a place to rest." So more likely, we'll start calling people again when we get back on our feet in another day or two. I have literally been Sinead's arms and feet for most of the past two days. But she's now up and marching around the room since after dinner tonight, so we've come a looooong way since yesterday morning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's a Boy!

Look at our perfect baby!
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Fionn Martin Gandalf Borgersen. August 20, 2007, 10:52am. 8lbs, 8oz, 20 1/2 inches.

Mom and baby are doing fine ... Sinead's recovering from the C-Section, and the docs say "wow, you have a high threshold for pain!" Fionn's sleeping in the nursery so Mom and Dad can snooze a bit, and Dad can head home to upload photos.


Reality really didn't sink in for me until I was looking eye to eye with MYSELF at 20 1/2 inches. Well, almost. He got Sinead's nose and chin (we think, we're still debating that) and a massive Mc Donnell baldy head (it's a blondish-red peach fuzz, we think he may be a strawberry blond in a few years), but those eyes and that stocky chest are definitely lumbering nordic Borgersen.

Fionn "the Fair"

Martin after his grandfather, and the line of Borgersen men to share that name.

Gandalf because we had to pay homage to Tolkien after 9 months of calling him "the Hobbit". And the second middle name worked for J.R.R. And let's face it, "Bilbo" just wasn't gonna work, so we went all the way.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Four Twin Hybrids

Proof that the Zazzle UI team is Green. :)

And if you like this pic, you can buy the sticker!