Sunday, July 06, 2008

Amtrak rocks; RV camping is great for kids

Okay, positive blog post. Really.

Amtrak rocks. Getting a little roomette for a 10 month old to crawl around in is the *only* way to travel. It was a short trip ... five days, with two of them on a train, but I actually feel like I've had a vacation, in a way completely unlike the way any east coast good vacation karma is erased after a cross-country flight. If it didn't take 5 days to train it to Florida, we'd be doing this every New Years.

And four nights in a camper in the hills north of Santa Barbara was pretty freakin cool, too. Talk about red-state California. But having a little kitchenette was outstanding, plus a pool and spa and (for when the kid is older) horseback riding and hiking. It was great to spend the 4th with E&R and their two little ones ... we were on the beach in Monticito watching the Gap fire fill the skies over Santa Barbara.

Anyway, letting the world know that we're home, somewhat rested, and totally safe despite that big ole fire down there.

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