Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Night time

This is our routine for putting Fionn to bed. He's really going to hate us.

"Night night Daddy" (I get a wave and a kiss)

"Night night door" (he waves at his house/door toy on the floor)

"Night night R2" (he waves at our R2-D2 robot on the book shelf)

"Night night spud trooper" (the Mr. Potatohead Star Wars storm trooper)

"Night night keys" (the key rack)

"Night night Buddha" (the picture of a ruin at Ankor Watt)

"Night night skeleton" (the satirical picture of The Girl With a Pearl Earring, except she's a skeleton, that we found in a party store and put up for Halloween 2006 and haven't bothered to take it down since)

"Night night unicorn" (the pen-and-ink of a unicorn hanging in the hallway)

"Night night fan" (the overhead fan in his room)

"Night night light" (the light on the overhead fan)

"Night night Fionn"

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