Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a fantastic weekend for soccer...

Okay, yeah, the Phelps phever is great.

But this weekend was about SOCCER. There's so much good soccer going on right now, with the European leagues starting back up, and my local San Jose Earthquakes on a bit of a winning streak, and my TiVo recording six full matches for me. Let's recap my favorite teams:

San Jose Earthquakes: I was there Saturday night!!! We beat Boston 4-0. Boston, the leagues best team. And San Jose, the leagues worst.

Newcastle United: Kevin Keagan's team tied Manchester United 1:1 at Old Trafford! (I root for Newcastle because ... well ... I like the beer, and Sinead lived there briefly.)

West Ham United: Beat Wigan! (I root for West Ham because of an old boss I had who was a huge West Ham fan.)

Aston Villa: Had an amazing game against Man City. 3 goals in seven minutes from Gabriel Agbonlahor. (I sometimes root for Aston Villa because I like their coach, Martin O'Neill.)

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LimeyPatel said...


Here I am on train from London to Manchester...

West Ham have had the best start to a season in years!

FFion looks like a right handful - I hope you make the most of these younger years - they grow up really really fast!