Tuesday, February 10, 2009


sunset is gone, ending of another day
how time has flown, life seems to slip away
i tried to savor it all but god knows i waste so much time
how i waste time

looking back, seems like a hundred years
runs by like a flash
through the laughter and the tears
i know i'll never get it back but still i'll always wonder
as i wander

time flows in more than one direction
looking ahead we lack protection
hoping the past will bring a resurrection
we forget about now

we worry so much about spending our time
living in someone else's meter an rhyme
live in the now ya know it's no crime
i said yes, live in the now

so take a seat, live in the present day
live only for now, tomorrow's so far away
and if you start to look back,
take a look around you and you will see
here is the place to be

in the sunrise
live in the sunrise

-Alan Metcalf, 1973-2009